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Author: Meg Cullen

5 Ways to Boost Mental Wellbeing for Older Adults

As an older adult, things such as mobility issues, overall aches and pains, and increased time spent at home through retirement may lead to a decline in your overall mental wellbeing and daily mood. It is key that you take the steps to regularly care

This is an image of circulation problems

Poor Circulation: Causes, Symptoms, Solutions

Your circulatory system plays a crucial role in your body’s overall function: it is responsible for transferring blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout your system. When blood flow is reduced to a certain part of the body, you may experience symptoms related to poor circulation. Importantly,

Boosting your Health in Spring: Tips for Older Adults

The clocks have sprung forward and we’re moving into brighter days! Those cold, dark winter months can take their toll, so spring is a wonderful time to improve your mental and physical wellbeing again. Our tips are specifically useful to older adults, whose health is

The Most Rewarding Aspects of Care Sector Work

This week is #YouCanCare week, created to celebrate the people working in the care sector and to encourage more people to work in this fulfilling industry. To get involved, we’ve drawn up a list of what we believe are the most rewarding things about working