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Household Help

Household Help

Supporting You With Our Household Help & Management Services

Household help is an essential service that Minster Home Care provides to elderly adults in need of care. Our team of dedicated and compassionate carers understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe living environment for our clients, and we work hard to ensure that they are able to live in comfort and with dignity.

One of the key benefits of receiving home care is that it allows our clients to continue living in their own homes, rather than having to move into assisted living facilities or nursing homes. This can be a great relief for many people, as they are able to maintain their independence and continue to live in the familiar surroundings of their own homes.

Our household help services include a wide range of tasks, including light cleaning, laundry and meal preparation. We also offer assistance with personal grooming, such as bathing and dressing

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What does our household management service cover?


Our carers understand the importance of a welcoming and comfortable house, which is why our service includes a number of daily tasks that make sure we keep your home feeling well looked after.

Laundry and Ironing

Keep on top of your ironing and laundry can be a chore at the best of times, so why not let our team look after that? We will keep on top of your washing schedules and complete your laundry cycle within your home, as always performed to your exact specifications.

Cooking Preparation

All of our team are trained to prepare meals to your exact dietary requirements and personal preferences – and will be able to expertly prepare the meals you love. Our service also includes washing the dishes and cleaning up after the meal.

Shopping and Running Errands

Our carers can take the strain out of the stresses of everyday life by helping out with daily activities – whether that’s dropping something off at the post office, collecting some shopping or picking prescriptions up for you.

Pet Care

We understand how important our pets can be, which is why our service includes looking after your faithful companions. Whether this is taking your dog for a walk or feeding your pet hamster, our carers ensure that your pets are receiving the best possible care.

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At Minster Home Care, we understand that the needs of our clients can change over time, and we are committed to providing ongoing support and care as needed. Whether our clients require a few hours of help each week or daily personal care, we are here to provide the support and assistance they need to maintain their independence and live their best life at home.

Household help is an essential service that Minster Home Care provides to elderly adults in need of care. Whether its a walk to the shop, local cafe or a trip to the doctors, we assist our clients in getting out and about, ensuring they stay active and engaged in their local community. Our focus is on providing personalised care to each of our clients, ensuring their safety and providing emotional support and companionship. With Minster Home Care, elderly adults are able to continue living in their own homes with dignity and comfort.

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