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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our Team

Minster Home Care is an exceptional family-run business, focused on the goal of creating the best home care services to the people of York. Our carers have years of experience working within the care sector, dedicated to offering trusted, reliable and community-focused care.

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  • Dez Ward Director After operating a domestic home service franchise for over 15 years in the York and Harrogate area, Dez developed a real passion for care and customer service. Therefore, in 2020 he made his dream into a reality and launched Minster Home Care. “With my passion for staff recruitment, governance, and marketing, plus existing experience in operating a very similar business model to domiciliary care, I felt that this would be an industry I would gain huge job satisfaction from by helping families remain in their own homes.”
  • Jayne Riley Registered Manager Jayne has worked as a Care manager for 15 years, starting out as an Extra Care Manager, delivering domiciliary care services to clients living in a retirement property. After this job, she worked as a Home Improvement Manager, delivering an aids and adaptation service. “When Covid hit I realised that I really needed to be back in my care role and saw the advert with Minster Home Care and the rest is history. It is the best decision I have made as I feel back at home again and doing what I am supposed to be doing.”
  • Alan Scaum Deputy Manager Alan has 12 years’ experience in the care industry, working mostly with people who have Dementia or Mental Health problems. In his last role, he was a care coordinator for a domiciliary service. “I am very passionate about care and delivering a quality service that centres around the person and not the tasks. I have come to work at Minster Home Care to continue to provide first class care and help build the best domiciliary service in York.”
  • Ana Brutaru Carer Ana studied General Nursing in Romania, before working as a Care Assistant for the elderly and a Rehabilitation Support Worker for people with brain injuries. “I’ve worked in many areas of the care industry and I believe it is the most rewarding job you can have. Minster Home Care embodies everything I love about this sector and I will never get tired of working with the team as well as meeting new clients.”
  • Michelle Pointing Carer Michelle has previous experience working as a caregiver and is passionate about building relationships with new clients and providing the care they need. “Home care is a very rewarding job and I think it is extremely rewarding to make a difference in someone’s life. If I can change at least one clients’ life for the better, then I know I’ve done a good job.”
  • Sara Louise Coomber Night Carer Sara was inspired to become a carer when her grandparents started receiving care themselves. "I wanted to make a difference to people's lives and help those that need it. Minster Home Care felt like the best choice for me as it is an exciting new adventure for me."
  • Jane Cook Caregiver Jane worked as a home cleaner for 13 years before joining Minster Home Care as a valued caregiver, realising her passions were in caring for the community and helping those in need. “Before becoming a caregiver, I used to clean customers’ homes, but I came to the realisation that I wanted to help people more. Having this role within the community is the best job satisfaction you’ll ever get.”
  • Chloe Cusick Caregiver Chloe has worked in several jobs within the care sector. She first started working in an elderly care home before finding her passion within domiciliary care. “The thing that made me realise I wanted to work in care was helping my dad look after my disabled brother. I love helping and caring for people and when they are in their own home, it makes it better for the individual, so they remain comfortable and as independent as they can be.”
  • Amelia Kay Caregiver Amelia worked as a home carer before attending the University of Sheffield to complete her nursing degree. Now qualified, Amelia works at Minster Home Care on a part-time basis around her hospital shifts. “I am proud to be a qualified nurse as I worked really hard to get to this stage. I use my knowledge and expertise as part of my work at Minster Home Care and I love every second of it.”
  • Joe Adams Carer Joe is an aspiring musician in a band who loves caring for people. Before working for Minster Home Care, Joe worked hard to care for his Gran who had dementia. "I have come to work at Minster Home Care to bring a smile to the faces of our clients and make sure they are cared for in a kind and compassionate manner."
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