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Dementia Care

Dementia Care

Exceptional Dementia Care Services

Moving a loved one with dementia to a residential care home can be an upsetting experience for everyone involved. That’s why at Minster Home Care, we provide a dementia home care service that offers the same quality of care and support but is delivered where your loved one feels safe and comfortable.

Dementia is a group of related symptoms that is caused by abnormal changes to the brain and can affect the thinking and actions of the person suffering from it. These changes can be relatively minor to begin with, but can deteriorate further, to the point at which daily life becomes difficult to manage.

As a condition that can cover a variety of symptoms, with drastically different degrees of severity – we understand how important it is to tailor our support to the precise needs of your loved one. Our team spend as much time as is required understanding the requirements of everyone in our care, and will put together a care plan that works around them.

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We offer a relationship-focused approach, allowing your loved one to get to know and feel comfortable around their carer. This means we can provide personalised care and select a carer that understands the personality and needs of the person they are caring for. At Minster Home Care, our main priority is ensuring that your loved one is safe and comfortable at home – while always looking to build their confidence and support their independence. 

Engagement is a vital aspect of caring for someone with dementia, which is why we never want to stifle the social interaction of your loved one. In fact, we actively encourage them to continue social activities with friends and family as much as possible. These interactions and all of our care aims to build confidence and self-esteem, while retaining your loved one’s physical strength with engaging activities. 

Whether supporting the independence of those in our care by helping out with daily tasks such as preparing meals and running errands, providing family respite care or offering more extensive care – all of our dementia care services are ever-evolving, and constantly seek to understand the changing needs, behaviours and requirements of the care we provide. 

Minster Home Care is a fully regulated service that involves extensive training, strict checks and a rigorous interview process – all of which are in place to make sure we have a team of professional, adaptable and compassionate carers.  

Please get in touch with Minster Home Care to discuss which of our services would be most beneficial for you or your loved one. 

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Why should you choose Minster Home Care? There’s no denying, choosing the right care for an individual is a huge decision. We can put your mind to rest and assure you that Minster Home Care is the right choice for you. Learn more about us by clicking the link below…

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