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Published on: Dementia Resources

Activities and Exercises for People with Dementia

Activities and exercises can help people living with dementia to get fit, stay occupied and to maintain social relationships.

It is beneficial for both physical and mental health, as well as improving quality of life. It should be encouraged for anyone in any stage of their condition and can be tailored to each individual and their lifestyle.


Understanding the person you care for and what makes them unique is key when planning suitable activities for them. For example, you should get to know the person’s former lifestyle, work history, hobbies and social interests.

However, if you are planning activities for someone living with dementia, try not overwhelm the person by avoiding crowds, noise and constant movements.

Recommended activities are:

  • Art-based – drawing/painting classes, drama groups and book clubs
  • Reminiscence work – share your life experiences with others using photos, objects, video and music clips
  • Visit a café – find a memory or dementia café where you can meet other people with a similar condition to share advice, tips and support
  • Sensory gardens – these gardens are designed to provide different sensory experiences including scented plants, sculptures, textured touch pads and water features
  • Cinema trip – find a dementia-friendly cinema screening and streaming of live theatre productions

There are also many activities that someone living with dementia can access online. These include online games, puzzles, videos and dedicated dementia apps. Another great activity is using a video conferencing app to catch up with loved ones.


There are a lot of exercises that people living with dementia can benefit from.

Many local community or sports centres offer a range of organised activities and exercise, such as dance, swimming, indoor bowls and ball games. These are fantastic opportunities to maintain a social life and build relationships.

At home, walking, gardening and housework are great way to ensure you are moving around as much as possible.

Recommended exercises are:

  • Walking – in sensory gardens or woodland
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Gardening

With exercises, it is important to remember that everyone has their own limits and what may be possible for one person, might not be for another.

Why Are Exercises and Activities Beneficial for those Living with Dementia?

Engaging in exercises and activities can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of people living with dementia. It can help to boost self-esteem and mood, as well as encouraging social engagement and independence, which is beneficial to the individual, their family and their carer.

What Can Minster Home Care Do?

At Minster Home Care, we actively encourage the people we care for to keep as physically fit as possible. Moving around the house and doing as much as they can is important for their physical as well as their mental health.

We encourage our clients to engage in activities they enjoy and to partake in as many group activities as they want. This helps for them to maintain friendships and stay sociable.

To find out more about how we can help you or your loved one find the right activities and exercises for them, contact us today.