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Published on: Advice

Looking for A New Challenge? It’s Time for A Career in Care

If you’re looking for a new challenge and you love to help people, why not consider a career in care?

Care can be one of the most rewarding jobs you’ll ever do, and it comes with other benefits too.

Jayne Downey, our Registered Manager, switched to a career in home care and has never looked back:

“When Covid hit I realised that I really needed to be back in my care role and saw the advert with Minster Home Care and the rest is history. It is the best decision I have made as I feel back at home again and doing what I am supposed to be doing.”

Why Choose A Career in Care?

A career in care can be one of the most fulfilling jobs you’ll ever have. Looking after people who will benefit from your help comes with a great deal of job satisfaction.

Home care comes with its own benefits too. Whilst many families are looking for alternatives to care homes, lots of people that require care are looking to find a service that can done from the comfort of their own home. As a home carer, you’ll be providing the help that someone needs whilst enabling them to maintain their independence.

Not only that but becoming a home carer means you’ll be making a mark on someone’s life on a day-to-day basis. Whether that’s providing personal care, palliative care or even just sitting down to have a chat with someone.

If becoming a home carer is something you are considering, here are some of the main reasons why it might be an ideal career for you.

Flexible Schedule

Working as a home carer has multiple benefits, not only as it is a rewarding job, but it’s also a job that can fit around your life.

Many home care jobs offer full-time or part-time roles to fit around your schedule, whether that’s to fit around your family life or even another job.

You will get the option to work shifts in patterns to fit around your lifestyle, meaning you can work as little or as often as you like.

Building Relationships

As a home carer, you will build strong relationships with the people you care for and get to know them on a regular one-to-one basis.

Building relationships with the people you care for is not only great for your job satisfaction, but also benefits them hugely. Often, people who require support at home are isolated and lonely, so your regular support can come as greatly beneficial for them.

Additionally, family and friends will also benefit from your caregiving as your help will make sure they use respite breaks. This is beneficial for caregivers who have other commitments or simply need a break.

Incredibly rewarding

It goes without saying that care is an incredibly rewarding career. By becoming a home carer, you are allowing people who need assistance to remain in the comfort of their own home, whilst also providing them with the care and attention they need.

Why Choose Minster Home Care?

Minster Home Care are a family-run home care company operating in York. Our team is friendly and value our employees and the work environment we have created.

We take great care and pride in each member of our team and we put emphasis on getting to know everyone we work with. That’s why, when you apply for a job with us, we start off with a 3-day paid induction programme, so you can meet your colleagues as well as receiving training on various aspects of care.

We Don’t Use Agency Staff

We believe in the importance of building strong relationships with the people we care for and that’s why each member of our staff is employed by us. As a home carer, it is incredibly important that the people you care for feel as though they can trust and are supported by you. Familiar faces and trusted employees are of high importance to us at Minster Home Care.

Our Carers

Our carers can enjoy various benefits when they start to work with us.

Minster Home Care Benefits:

  • Guaranteed paid hours of 35 each week
  • £11.75 per hour
  • Free DBS check
  • 3 days paid training including Level 2 First Aid, Moving & Handling certificate and Medication
  • Train towards Level 2 & 3 Health & Social Care Diploma with room for growth within the organisation
  • Company pension

Our carers’ pay and benefits are also managed by us, ensuring they are paid well in excess of the National Living Wage employer.

To find out more about joining the Minster Home Care team and to see if home care is the right career for you, contact us today.