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Published on: Advice

Respite Care, Taking Care of the Carer

Respite care is an important service provided by many home care services, including Minster Home Care.

Balancing things like employment, a wider family and other commitments is a near-impossible task – which is why our family respite care can be called upon to give you the break you need.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is when a caregiver is given temporary relief from caring, enabling them to follow-up with outside commitments or to simply rest from the demands of caregiving.

During this time, the person who is being cared for is temporarily looked after by someone else. It can prevent the caregiver from becoming too exhausted, isolated or even burnt out.

There are lots of options available, including having someone take over the care for a few hours or even a few weeks whilst the carer goes on holiday. Choosing the right plan is up to you.

What Are the Benefits of Respite Care?

There are many benefits of using respite care if you are a caregiver. Namely, it prevents you from becoming exhausted, run down and even isolated. If you are providing consistent care, it can be a fairly stressful endeavour, particularly if you have other life commitments to balance too.

Using respite care can also come as a stress relief, promote balance in your life and help to restore your energy. By overworking, you may become overwhelmed and find it harder to connect with the person you are caring for – a particular loss if they are a close friend or family member.

Not only does respite care benefit the caregiver but can also benefit the person receiving the care too. It can provide them with variety, stimulation and a welcome change of routine.

How Can Minster Home Care Help?

At Minster Home Care, we understand the physical and emotional strain that often comes with caring for loved ones.

We can offer differing levels of support, depending on the circumstance of the carer. This can include caring for someone for just an afternoon or even for several days if needed. Our service is there to provide a helping hand when a caregiver has other commitments or if they simply need a recharge – resulting in better quality of care overall and more quality time spent with loved ones.

Not only do we provide respite care for caregivers who need a break, but we can also provide respite care in conjunction with our palliative care service. If your loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness or is reaching the end of their life it can often lead to feelings of confusion and anger. Our carers are on-hand to support you through this process, so you don’t feel alone.

Minster Home Care is a fully regulated service, registered by the Care Quality Commission. We only hire the very best care staff who undergo extensive training, strict checks and a rigorous interview process. To find out more about our respite care services and how Minster Home Care can help you and your family, contact us today.