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Published on: Advice

Your time is the best gift this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast-approaching and finding the perfect gift gets harder with every year.

This year is particularly difficult, given that most of us have not seen our mothers in person for quite some time. However, there are still ways that you can make an effort and show that you are thinking about that important woman in your life.

The gift of time

Life is fast-paced and in general, we could all make a bit more of an effort to slow down and savour the special moments. Although Mother’s Day might look different this year, you can still celebrate with the gift of time, whilst staying safe at home.

Video and phone calls are more prevalent than ever before and vital for interaction with our loved ones.

You could set a time in the day where you call your mum and have that all important catch up. Or you could have her on a video call in the room so she can watch you as you cook, clean or even watch something together.

The possibilities are endless and it is vital that you send your love and promise you will do something together when you can.

Gifts in person

You don’t need to spend money on expensive gifts or over-the-top gestures, the gift of quality time together is the best thing you can give.

If you are lucky enough to live with, or care for, your mother then you may wonder how to make this day special for her.

Here are some ideas to make Mother’s Day extra special:

  • Make a family scrapbook – if you have photos lying around, why not make them into a scrapbook? Making it will be a great trip down memory lane for the both of you and something you’ll always enjoy looking back on.
  • Bond over something you both love – do you love watching TV together? Cooking? Shopping?
  • Start a book club – if reading is something you both enjoy, why not create your own book club? You could bring in other members of the family and discuss the most recent book you’ve all read.

Make the gift of time a regular occurrence

Quality time shouldn’t just be on Mother’s Day. Why not make time for weekly walks and talks?

Meeting up with your mum for a weekly walk and catch-up is exercise without realising it. You will both benefit from the fresh air and these regular one-to-ones are also known to be a great stress-reliver.

Also, we all know that sometimes life can get in the way, but you don’t need to always be physically with each other. You could give your mum a phone call and go for a walk yourself, chatting about your week whilst going on a relaxing walk alone.