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Author: Susan

Promoting Positive Mental Wellbeing for Older People

It is essential for someone’s wellbeing to ensure that they remain as much of an individual as possible. Especially as we get older, opportunities and the ability to remain individual may wane, so it is important that there is a concerted effort made to promote

Staying Active! Mobility Exercises for the Elderly

Staying active is important for our health, particularly as we age. The loss of mobility can have significant social, psychological and physical consequences. However, immobility can be prevented by regular physical activity and exercise, even if it’s only light movements for short periods of time.

The Flexibility of Home Care

Care is a very personal thing, and everyone should have the right to receive their care on their own terms. That’s why home care is the preferred option for many people. Not only does the flexible nature mean you can maintain your independence, stay in

Activities and Exercises for People with Dementia

Activities and exercises can help people living with dementia to get fit, stay occupied and to maintain social relationships. It is beneficial for both physical and mental health, as well as improving quality of life. It should be encouraged for anyone in any stage of

Respite Care, Taking Care of the Carer

Respite care is an important service provided by many home care services, including Minster Home Care. Balancing things like employment, a wider family and other commitments is a near-impossible task – which is why our family respite care can be called upon to give you

Why Care Homes Are Not the Only Option

You might be considering the options available to you to ensure your loved one is receiving the care they need. Although traditionally care homes may have been the preferred option, more and more people are opting to receive their care at home. It is important